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 Coronavirus is a Golden Business Opportunity

Unless you're elderly, Coronavirus secretly gave you a gift. To answer your first question, I’m not insane. Yes, it crashed the stock market. Sure, it cancelled the St. Patrick’s Day parade, NCAA, NBA, MLB, and the NHL’s seasons. Kids aren’t going to school, and people aren’t going to work. The sky is officially falling. However, underneath that steaming pile of garbage is a precious gift -- more time. | more

 Start a Business and Avoid Failure

In a way, every job is the same. The CEO or owner will always make more than you do. If you want to live the American dream and take control of your future, you need to be at the top. The fastest way to get there is to start a business online from home. | more

 Steal these Perfect Small Business Ideas!

Looking for small business ideas? If you want to start a business online from home, we've got the best small business idea for you, and you can totally steal it. Shhh, we won’t tell anyone. | more

 Coronavirus COVID-19 Stimulus Money is Coming!

Were you laid off? Fired? If you’re not an essential employee, your financial future could be in trouble. Luckily, you may get unemployment pay plus $1200 or more in Coronavirus COVID-19 stimulus money. Here’s how you should use it. | more