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Over 1,000 Clients                           28 Years Experience

Coronavirus COVID-19
Stimulus Money is Coming!

The government just gave you seed money.
Invest in yourself.

Were you laid off? Fired? If you’re not an essential employee, your financial future could be in trouble. Luckily, you may get unemployment pay plus $1200 or more in Coronavirus COVID-19 stimulus money. Here’s how you should use it.

This Coronavirus COVID-19 mess could last for months, or even years! There are Chinese who beat COVID-19, and are catching it again. The longer this virus terrorizes us, the worse your financial future is. Your job may not have the money to hire you back. Worse yet, your job may no longer exist when this is over. The big question is, how do you survive this financial apocalypse and come out on top? Here's how:
  1. Ask yourself, is this worth it? - Wasteful spending is your enemy. Does this mean cancelling everything that brings joy to your life, like Netflix? Heck no! After all, all work and no play -- is suuuuper boring. Start small. Maybe buy half as many lattes. Before you spend money, ask yourself "Is this worth it?" If the answer isn't a great big YES, you should probably pass for now.
  2. Manage Your Essential Bills - Some banks will take your next three mortgage or car payments and move them to the end of your loan. Call and ask. Can't hurt. If yes, it gives you more money to use now. For all the other essentialls like food, electricity, etc. -- pay them. They aren't magically going away. A pile of past-due bills is the last thing you need on the other end of this catastrophe.
  3. Invest the Rest - Rich people make their money work for them. Just because you're out of a job, doesn't mean your money shouldn't put in a forty-hour week. It can't catch COVID-19, so put it to work for you!
When most people hear the word invest, they only think about the stock market. True, that's one way to put your money to work. However, given how crazy the market's been lately, you probably don't want to roll those dice. Instead, you should invest in yourself. Here are some great ways to do that:
  1. Get In Shape - All the gyms are closed. You're not supposed to go outside. Amazon still delivers though. You could get some weights and whip yourself into the best shape of your life. Even better, save the money and bench press your puppy. When you feel great, you can be great!
  2. Take an Online Class - You could learn a new language, learn to play guitar, or learn just about anything else. Millions of unemployed people will apply for the same jobs you want when this is all over. Want to stand out? Be a better version of you.
  3. Start a Business - Truly wealthy people either started their own business, or inherited money from someone who did. So if you don't have any rich old relatives with Coronavirus, and you're serious about taking control of your financial future, start your own business.
Starting your own business doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, we just made it even cheaper by giving you a 50% discount. For only $197, you can get everything you need to live the American dream once this nightmare is over.

You'll get business consulting to help you with the perfect business idea. We'll build an amazing web site for you. You'll get custom business cards to help network once you're allowed to be within six feet of other people again. We'll advertise online to tell the rest of the world about your amazing new business. Then when you're ready to grow, we'll help you do that too. All that and more is included for as little as $197 per month. Check out the plans below and sign-up today to take charge of your financial future.

The government gave you seed money. Let's grow something amazing together.

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