Over 1,000 Clients
28 Years Experience
Over 1,000 Clients                           28 Years Experience

Start a Business and Avoid Failure

Starting a business is easy.
Avoiding failure is the hard part.

In a way, every job is the same. The CEO or owner will always make more than you do. If you want to live the American dream and take control of your future, you need to be at the top. The fastest way to get there is to start a business online from home.

Anyone can start a business. Add lemons and sugar to water, go outside and sell it on your front lawn. Just like that, you have a business. However, 20% of new businesses fail in the first year. 50% fail by the fifth year. 65% don’t survive after ten years. For reference, we’ve been kicking butt and taking names for over twenty-five years. If you want to build a successful business that gives you the life you’ve always wanted, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to start a business that makes life easier for the rest of your family for generations, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a new supply of toilet paper because the supermarket ran out, we can’t help you. Is Coronavirus the new black friday? Seriously, why buy so much toilet paper?!?

Anyway, a study by CB insights found the top twenty reasons why businesses fail. Here are the most important ones:
  1. Selling the wrong product – 42%
  2. Not enough cash – 29%
  3. Hiring the wrong team – 23%
  4. The competition was much better – 19%
  5. Poor marketing – 14%
Many businesses fail for more than one of those reasons, which is a shame. We can help you avoid all those obstacles. With our help, you’ll succeed where others have crashed and burned. Let’s look at how each of our all-inclusive plans help overcome the most common reasons for failure:
  • Wrong Product - With us, you’ll get something small businesses never get, top-shelf business consulting. Every month you’ll get up to three hours of business consulting (worth $750) where our MBA consultants will evaluate your product or service. We’ll find all the landmines before you trip over them.
  • Not enough cash - By reading this, you’ve qualified for a lifetime 50% discount. For as little as $197 per month, you can get EVERYTHING you need to start and build a business. For less than a cable bill, you can get a new web site, logo, business cards, consulting, advertising, and much more. You’ll never run out of cash with us.
  • Wrong team - When you work with us, you instantly get a highly experienced staff of consultants, designers, web developers, marketers, writers, and more. Anyone else you need, like lawyers, we’ll help you find at a discount.
  • Competition was much better - If you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, your competitors will try to shoot you in the back. With Super Value Town, you’ll have an army watching your back. Use your included business consulting hours to strategize how to beat them. As Trump says, you'll win so much that you'll get tired of wining!
  • Poor marketing - DIY marketing kills businesses. Inexperienced marketers waste time and money while they kill businesses. We include incredibly effective marketing with each of our all-inclusive plans below, so let us handle it -- and grow your business.
Start a new business, avoid failure, get everything included, and save money with Super Value Town.

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