We Make Biz Easier
Less Stress, More Fun!
We Make Biz Easier                           Less Stress, More Fun!
Stop losing money
& wasting your time!
Our done-for-you website & marketing solutions
give you all the benefits, while we do all the work.
Men have started using
Viagara for sunburns.
It does a great job keeping the sheets off their legs.
We'll find new ways to promote your business too.
Everyone should've known
communism would fail.
There were a lot of red flags.
Our consulting will spot yours early.
Ever wondered who
atheists donate money to?
Non-prophet organizations of course.
We work with them too.
A limo driver was in
business for 25 years.
At the end, he had nothing to chauffeur it.
We'll stretch your money further.
A brothel went out
of business yesterday.
They put up a sign saying 'We're closed. Beat it.'
We'll help you stay open -- longer.
Working with us is like starting
a boat business in an attic.
Your sails will go through the roof.
Sea what we did there?
A bank is a place that
will lend you money.
You just have to prove you don't need it.
We'll make you more, without the hassle.
We like our Fridays
so black that,
they could get PhD's in hide-n-seek.
Trampling is optional.
We'll shoot
your products.
Might even blow them up. It happens in a flash.
Oh yeah, we also do photography.
Will glass coffins
be a success?
Remains to be seen.
Clearly, you'll be successful with us.
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Faster plans get your business up and running faster with less work.
Am I locked in? Any early termination fees?
No. You'll stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.
Can I talk to you before I choose?
Yes! Use the chat box below or visit our contact page.
What does a faster plan get me?
More free time, because we're doing more of the hard work for you.
Get a new custom web site, or we'll resdesign your existing site.
What kind of web site can I get?
Any kind you want. Bigger sites just take longer to create.
I already have a web site. How can I use this?
We can make your site even better. Redesign? Sure. Upgrade? Absolutely.
How many times can I request changes to my site?
Infinite. Ask for as many changes as you want, any time you want!
We'll make sure customers see your site with advertising that we pay for.
What kind of advertising will I get?
As a Google Partner, we strategically use them to get you steady customers.
Can I increase my ad budget or get ads on other web sites?
Yes. We'll work with you to make it happen.
What does a faster plan get me?
More customers. The faster the plan, the more advertising you'll get.
We make sure you're seen in Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people search.
What does 'SEO' stand for?
Search Engine Optimization. That's a mouthful though, so SEO for short.
Why is SEO useful?
It's the best way to get your web site highly visible in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Are there any keyword limits?
No! We'll rank as many keywords as you want for the same low price.
We'll answer all your business questions and help you grow.
What is consulting?
You get a second brain. We help you turn your ideas into superstars.
Why do I need consulting?
When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We'll help you plan properly.
What does a faster plan get me?
More time. The faster the plan, the more consulting you get.
We'll give your web site a forever home with unlimited traffic.
What is hosting?
It's your electronic office space. Hosting is what allows people to use your web site.
What if I'm already hosted somewhere else?
We can move your site for you. You'll have one less bill to pay.
What does a faster plan get me?
Speed. With faster plans your site loads even faster.
Get as many custom email
addresses as you want.
Can I use my GMail/Yahoo/Hotmail/etc. account?
A custom email address with your domain name is infinitely more professional.
How many email addresses can I get?
As many as you want, and they'll all be professional.
What does a faster plan get me?
Here? Nothing. It's email. If there were more to give, you'd get it.
As long as someone else doesn't already own it, we'll get it for you.
I already own a domain name. Can I still use it?
Yes. NEXT!
What if someone owns the domain name I want?
If they're open to selling it, we'll negotiate the best price for you.
Which domain types are included in my plan?
One ending in .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .US (USA only), or .CA (Canada only).
Get the perfect image
for your business.
I already have a logo. How can I use this?
We can polish your old logo, or design you a brand new high-end one.
How many times can I change my mind?
As many times as you want. We'll keep going until it's perfect.
What does a faster plan get me?
Speed. You get the same amazing logo up to four times faster.
Make the best possible first impression when you meet people.
I already have business cards. How can I use this?
We'll redesign them for you. You'll thank us later.
How many times can I change my mind?
As many times as you want. We'll keep going until it's perfect.
What does a faster plan get me?
Speed and quantity. We'll design it faster, and print more of them for you.
We'll update your web site
whenever you need it.
What's the turn around time?
Usually one business day. A ton of changes may take longer.
What does a faster plan get me?
Speed. We'll update more of your content, in less time.
Are there any limits to what you'll update for me?
We won't post anything hateful or violent. It makes us too sad.
If anything ever goes wrong, or you need help, we're here for you.
What happens when something breaks?
You tell us. We'll fix it.
What if I don't understand something?
Ask us. We'll explain it.
What if I just want to vent my frustrations with an unjust world?
That's also included.
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