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Explainer Videos Explained with Video

Increase sales by 12% to 57%.

Studies show that customers are ten times more likely to engage with your website when you have an explainer video. Increased engagement can boost your sales by 12% to 57%. Because people prefer to watch before they read, you can use this powerful tool to explain your way into more sales. Spend less of your valuable time selling, and make more money in the process.

As with everything else here at SVT, explainer videos are done-for-you. We do all the work, while you get all the benefits. We:
  1. Learn about your business
  2. Write the script based on your best selling points
  3. Shoot or source the best video to show off your stuff
  4. Record voiceovers to add personality to your video
  5. License and coordinate professional background music
  6. Design and animate captions, graphics, and text
  7. Punch up the presentation with powerful sound effects
  8. Edit everything down the millisecond -- so it's perfect
  9. Make sure everything accurately represents your brand
  10. Load it into your website so customers can see it and buy more
Get all this and more when you signup for our Run package. Want more details? There's an even better explainer video here.

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