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Less Stress, More Fun!
We Make Biz Easier                           Less Stress, More Fun!

Refer Friends To Us & Make EASY Money

We'll pay you for 30 seconds of work. Yep!

For those of you who love us, WE LOVE YOU TOO! When you send someone our way, it's the highest compliment we can get. THANK YOU! While you haven't asked for anything in return, we LOVE to be good to the people who are good to us. That’s why we created this referral program.

Well, you don't have to do anything fancy, pay anything, sign up for anything, or fill out any forms. It’s SUPER EASY and LOW EFFORT, because as always, we do all the work. So here's how you can get more money in your pocket TODAY!

Many of you have given us written testimonials over the years, and WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU. Now we want to take it to the next level with video! So, all you have to do is whip out your phone and film a testimonial. Specifically:
  1. film in landscape mode
  2. talk about what you love most about working with us
  3. send it to us using WeTransfer
That’s it! It can be as long as you want, but no shorter than two minutes. If we use it, WE’LL KNOCK $100 OFF NEXT MONTH’S BILL FOR YOU. So you get to trade 10 minutes for $100. That’s like getting paid $600 per hour! How’s that for easy value!!!

This one is EVEN EASIER. If you know someone who wants to start a business, send them to this link:


Once there, they’ll watch a short video and setup a phone call with us. To schedule a call, they’re required to tell us who referred them, so you’ll be sure to get credit. Then, we’ll see if we can help them. If we’re a good fit, WE’LL KNOCK ANOTHER $100 OFF NEXT MONTH’S BILL FOR YOU! Simply put, you’ll save $100 every time you send that link to someone who really needs us. It’s that easy!

Not sure what to say? Try these!
  • "Ready to turn that side hustle into real money? Get some free advice and a free gift from the guys I use. https://supervaluetown.com/r/StartNow/ Hope it helps!"
  • "They don't appreciate you at that job. You need to start a business to make some real money. Check out the guys I use for some free tips https://supervaluetown.com/r/StartNow/ Hope it helps!"
This process is the same as above, except you'll send people who want to GROW THEIR BUSINESS to a different link:


Same steps. Same $100 savings for you. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY. So let’s recap:
  1. You take 30 seconds to send that link to someone who wants to GROW their business,
  2. we do all the work,
  3. and you save $100.
Making $100 in 30 seconds is effectively an hourly rate of $12,000 AN HOUR. That's Fortune 500 CEO money right there!

Not sure what to say? Try these!
  • "These are the guys I use, and they’re fantastic. They even give you a free gift for booking a call. Here’s the link https://supervaluetown.com/r/GrowNow/ Hope it helps!"
  • "These are the people I use. They’ll make you look great! They even give you free stuff when you schedule a call. Here’s the link https://supervaluetown.com/r/GrowNow/ Hope it helps!"
Some of you know a lot of people who could use our help. And as we always do here at Super Value Town, we want to go the EXTRA MILE FOR YOU. So here are some special free bonuses we have lined up JUST FOR YOU:
    After you refer your very first person, we'll give you a $300 hotel card for use at over one million hotels worldwide! Add that to your $100 discount, and you've effectively got a free month of services -- from only one referral! But wait, it gets better. Because...
    Once ten of your referrals signup, we’ll give you six days & five nights at a FIVE-STAR HOTEL IN MEXICO! You can choose from beautiful Cancun, marvelous Mazatlan, or even the Love Boat’s favorite destination – Puerto Vallarta! We’ll cover your hotel stay. So the only things you have to do are get there and enjoy yourself! Some of these hotels cost $700 per night, and you’re getting that -- FOR FREE.
    Once twenty-five of your referrals signup, your next THREE MONTHS ARE FREE! After that, we'll start calling you "The Mint" because you have the power to print money and put it directly into your pockets.
    Woah, this is the BIG one. Once you refer fifty people who signup, you get ...


    Your next bill -- $0. The bill after that? $0 AGAIN! And for the rest of your life – ZERO DOLLARS! Yeah, it’s insane. But that’s what you get here at Super Value Town – SUPER VALUE!
Did we go a little overboard? Probably. But we just wanted to show you how thankful we are for you. Because without YOU, there is no US. Questions? You already know how to get in touch with us.

NOW, you start by filming a testimonial and sending it to us. NEXT, you send those two referral links to anyone who would benefit from them! The whole process should take you LESS THAN THIRTY MINUTES, and can put THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKETS.

Let's gooooooooooo!

* Life is such a cool thing. In this case, life means until one of the following happens: either you die, our CEO, Dr. Bryant Tyson dies, you stop being a subscribing member, or ten years, ten days, ten hours, ten minutes AND ten seconds passes from the moment your fiftieth referral signs up with us. So it's essentially the lifetime of a goat -- or a rabbit. I wonder how long Otters live. Awwww, they're sooooo cute! Wait, now we're going down a rabbit hole (see what we did there?) so let's go with rabbits! Either way, it's still a SUPER LONG TIME, so -- yeah... life!

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