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Small Biz Specialists                           29 Years Experience

COVID-19 is Killing
Your Competition For You

Coronavirus is ruthlessly killing businesses.
Now’s your opportunity.

Every day Covid-19 kills thousands of local businesses with ruthless efficiency. They’ll never open their doors again. Their customers are still here though, and they still want those things. Question is, where will they buy them? The answer is: from you.

Shutdowns and restrictions keep pre-Covid businesses from operating the way they used to. Those businesses didn’t adapt, so they couldn’t make enough money. The saddest part is that their customers STILL want those products and services. That’s critically important. Customers WANT to give that business their money! The demand didn’t drop – the supply did. That’s called: OPPORTUNITY.

Let me be 100% clear. There’s a fantastic opportunity for you to sell things you know people already want. Because of how incredibly messed up 2020 was, this opportunity is safer and easier to take advantage of. Less competition makes it waaaaaayyyyyyy easier for you to sell those products and services. There’s a twist though. You can’t sell it the same way they sold it. That’s how they died in the first place. Instead, you have to sell it BETTER.

What does better look like in 2021? Better means giving people a way to enjoy your products and servives at home. Better means selling online so the government can’t shut you down for Covid-19 reasons. Better means having less useless costs so you can use that money for marketing and improvements. Don’t know how to do this? We can help.

Here are some examples:
  1. Regal didn’t change. They died. AMC though, they changed. They started streaming movies online. That’s why they’re still alive. People still want to watch new movies! The demand is still there. The delivery method just needed to change in a post-Covid world.
  2. Golds Gym didn’t change. They died. Peleton innovated. They streamed fitness classes online. They’re breaking profit records. People still want to work out! Again, the demand is still there. In a post-Covid world, every business needs to sell better.
  3. Many web design firms died. We innovated. Realizing people don’t have as much time or money as before, we created an all-inclusive online business package and offered it as a Covid-19 special for only $197. People still need to make money online! We gave people what they wanted, at a price they could afford in these crazy economic times.
If you’re not sure how you can use the opportunities created by the post-Covid-19 economy, ask us now. We’re happy to help.

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