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Looking for small business ideas? If you want to start a business online from home, we've got the best small business idea for you, and you can totally steal it. Shhh, we won’t tell anyone.

If you’re here, you’ve probably read other articles with small business ideas. Maybe these look familiar.
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  • 1000 small business ideas you can launch from your couch!
Here's the twist! This article is different. We won’t tell you that dog walking is the perfect small business idea for you. Re-selling on Amazon or eBay? Nope! Toilet paper salesman? Maaaaaaaaybe! Just kidding. Instead, we’ll give you the best possible small business idea you can have -- your own.

Everyone’s different. There's no one size fits all list of small business ideas. Other articles are like shotguns. They blast a bunch of small business ideas at you and hope one hits. Sure they may be fun to read, but they don’t give you what you need. That's why you’re here. The best small business idea is one that:
  1. uses skills you’re already good at
  2. you’ll be passionate about
  3. fits your lifestyle and your resources
Once you find a small business idea that has all these elements, your odds of success skyrocket. We’ve helped small businesses avoid failure for over twenty-five years. We’ll help you too. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes! We'll start by looking at two different types of business ideas.

Idea Type #1: The Shower Thought / Napkin Idea  
These ideas are like lightning bolts! They hit you out of nowhere while you’re hanging out at a bar, taking a shower, or cleaning up your cat's hairballs. Sometimes these business ideas are practical, but they're mostly pie-in-the-sky ideas that sound like these:
  • Uber for pets
  • A way to smell take-out food before ordering online
  • A glove that turns pink when you touch Coronavirus
Sometimes these business ideas turn into multi-billion dollar companies. eBay, Uber (for humans), and GrubHub are just a few. As you see from those examples, successful napkin ideas usually make a better mousetrap. So if you want a chance at being the head of the next billion-dollar corporation, ask yourself "What is a huge pain in my rear, and how can I make that easier for everyone?" Sadly though, most of these ideas are garbage in an exciting disguise.

Over the past twenty-five years, we’ve heard thousands of small business ideas. The vast majority of them were, without exaggeration, hot garbage. Thankfully, our clients get free business consulting. We'll fine-tune your business idea into a winner! We'll find the red flags before you spend a ton of money chasing a windmill. If it’s better to take your idea out behind the barn and shoot it, we’ll tell you. Don't rely on your family and friends for quality advice. These people listened to their families.

Idea Type #2: The Custom-for-You Idea  
The best small business ideas are custom made. You want an idea you'll happily spend all your free time on. You need an idea you can't stop thinking about. You deserve an idea that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. That is the perfect small business idea for you! So how do we find out what it is?

Step #1: What are you good at?
Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. So the question is, what are you good at? Make a list. I’ll make one too:
  • Business stuff
  • Writing
  • Being a smart alec
Once you have a list like that, it's time to see how those skills potentially fit into a new small business idea. Let's see what we can think of:
  • consultant (business stuff + writing)
  • speechwriter (writing + possibly smart alec-ness)
  • blogger (business stuff + writing + hopefully smart alecry too!)
That seems like a good start! Each of those business ideas allow me to work my own hours, be my own boss, and control my own destiny. Your list may be completely different, and that’s great! Try to think of ten or more ideas before moving on.

Step #2: Which of those can you be passionate about?
I’ll continue to use myself as an example. Being a consultant would be cool. I enjoy helping people and solving problems. Being a speechwriter would also let me help people. I feel like most speeches are written last minute though, and deadlines don’t excite me. Maybe not speech writing. Blogger? That sounds like something I would (and currently do) have fun doing! I can be a creative smart alec, while helping people with my writing. Score! Inevitably, one of your list items should “speak to you”. If it doesn’t, make a longer list until one does -- or contact us and we'll help you.

Step #3: How can this fit your lifestyle and resources?
Now that I've decided to be a blogger, I need to choose a subject. I love traveling around the world, so maybe I'll be a travel blogger. To make this a business, I would need to fly a lot more than I do now. My kids are in school though, so they couldn’t come with me. I would miss them way too much, so travel blogging isn’t a perfect fit.

I also love finding deals and saving money. If I can get something amazing for half off, I'm all over it. I could blog about finding "travel steals". That combines two things I enjoy while keeping me home with my kids. However, Coronavirus could keep the world quarantined for a year. With no leisure travel right now, this is a horrible subject to start a business around.

I also love all things business. With or without Coronavirus, business is always worth writing about. Plus, being a business blogger uses a lot of my skills. Last but not least, it fits into my lifestyle by keeping me home, and uses resources that I have easy access to. I can’t afford private jets to fly around the world, but I can afford a Super Value Town plan with a custom web site, advertising, and a lot more included. It's perfect!

After following this process, you'll also find the perfect small business idea. Want help? Let us help turn your new small business idea into a profitable reality.

We look forward to seeing your lists!

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