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Small Biz Specialists                           29 Years Experience

Scared Money Don’t Make Money

Bravery isn’t the absence of fear.
It’s breaking through it.

Fear has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise. Everyone gets scared. It’s human. Successful business people find a way to overcome it though. Which definition will you choose?

Have you ever meet someone fearless? I always wonder how those people are still alive, because fear is healthy. It keeps you safe. Jumping out a perfectly good plane? Yeah, fear that. That psycho walking into a school with an AK-47? Of course, fear him! Starting a new business? Absolutely. Fear that too. Then put on your big boy pants and push past it, because being an entrepreneur is the number one way to create wealth.

Let’s look at what fear really is. At its core, it’s a lack of confidence. The more confident you are, the less scared you are. It’s just that simple.

If you’re confident you won’t end up as a pancake, jumping out of that plane is easy. Confident that psycho is completely out of bullets? Making him instantly regret his horrific life choices is now an option! Confident that your new business will make you, your kids, and your grandkids wealthy? You’ll race to invest any amount you need to make that happen. Confidence is a necessary component for success.

Believe in yourself!

Let’s take a look at Kate. Kate saved $20,000. Kate worked hard for that money, so it’s important to her. She decided to buy a new car with it, found the perfect one, and bought it. That was an easy decision for Jane. There was no fear, because she knew it would make her happy. She was confident in the expected outcome of her decision. Buy car, be happy. Simple.

Now let’s look at Bob. Bob also saved $20,000, but decided to invest it in a new business. That decision could transform Bob’s entire life for the better. Yet -- he hesitated. He hesitated because he didn’t have confidence in the expected outcome. Bob was scared of failure. As a result, Bob changed his mind and didn’t invest. Bob still works for a boss he hates to this very day.

Ever watch Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den? Those guys invest millions of dollars in people they just met because they’re confident of success. With good judgment and a healthy amount of confidence, they get richer and richer every single day. You can be just like them.

No matter what, always remember this phrase, “Scared money don’t make money.” So:
  1. Do your research
  2. Build your confidence
  3. Invest in yourself before anything else
  4. Get help from competent professionals
  5. Control your future
Now confidently go forth and make that money!

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